Customized Website Development and Design

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Your company is unique. Your service delivery is unique. Your team is unique. And this is precisely why your website should likewise be unique. GIM not only has a team of experienced, professional web designers but should you partner with us, we will assign a dedicated web design specifically for your website. Our web designer will build a creative, beautifully designed, professional website that reflects your vision, including engaging and inviting imagery with appropriate calls to action. Our design will capture your company’s brand and highlight your unique service offerings. Let GIM help you make a splash!

Our design services follow a specific process. We first listen to your vision by engaging in a thorough Q&A session with you. Before any building occurs, we will create a mockup design based on your vision and submit this to you for feedback. It is seamless and timely to adjust the mockup at this point to ensure it meets with your full approval before moving forward. Our team is always available for any questions you have or modifications you request. Once any/all adjustments are made, and the mockup meets with your full approval, we begin to create the design and ensure that the content, information architecture, and visual design all work and function together.

GIM is honored to have the privilege to showcase a recently redesigned and developed website for our esteemed clients, Partners Interpreting.

Are you looking to build a brand-new website? Need support redesigning your current website? GIM is here to support you throughout the entire website design and development lifecycle — from concept and design and development, to launch and post-launch management. Reach out today to learn more!