Videos for App and Website Previews


Videos for App and Website Previews

You’ve invested a lot of effort, time, and resources into creating valuable services and products. You’ve worked hard to plan an event, develop your website, ios, or Android app. With GIM’s promo videos, we add sound and visual pizazz to grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to take action. Promo videos are suitable for:

The launch of a new product or service

Announcements of a new iOS or Android App

The unveiling of a new or updated website

The promotion of an upcoming conference or event

Demo reels

All we need from you is listed below:

ai, png, jpeg format of your logo

*Videos and images 


*Audio or voiceover

* GIM has subscriptions to stock footage and image platforms. We also work with several seasoned voiceover artists from various backgrounds. If needed, we can provide voiceover services in multiple languages. Please let us know about your additional language needs.