GIM Writing Services Terms of Service

GIM Writing Services offers a variety of customizable packages for our clients. Because we understand that our clients’ needs vary, we strive to provide as many options as we can to accommodate your company’s unique needs.

Hourly Rate

For clients who wish to use a combination of services from our services menu, but aren’t sure from month to month which services they might require, our hourly rate might best suit you. With this option, you can pick and choose among any of our services and engage our hourly rate.

Per-Project Pricing

For clients who have a clear understanding of the services they would like and would prefer to choose specific projects, the following menu might be best for you. This differs from the above hourly rate because it is a set price. Therefore, whether a project takes less or more time than originally expected, you pay one flat fee per project. The following are the services we provide for a flat fee. Contact us today to get more exact prices. 

  • Sponsored Articles
  • Editing
  • Insight reports
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Domestic Conference Reports
  • International Conference Reports

Retainer Packages

Some clients prefer to set up a monthly retainer. With this option, clients can choose among a variety of service packages. If you would like an itemized list of the different service packages available, please reach out to GIM Writing Services to discuss your company’s unique needs. We work closely with each client to develop a customized package that works best for you!

Monthly Retainer Discounts:

* Please note that a 5% discount will be applied to all 6-month retainer contracts. A 10% discount will be applied to all 12-month retainer contracts.

Thank you for considering GIM Writing Services for your market research, content marketing, editing, social media marketing, and conference reporting needs! We look forward to serving you. Please feel free to book time with us to discuss your company’s unique needs!

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