Market Research

Our market research helps our clients gain insights into market trends. We gather and analyze information about consumer behavior and spending habits in your target market and track industry advances and trends that help you make informed decisions.

GIM Writing Services has conducted in-depth market research for language services providers (LSPs) catering to healthcare, life sciences, BPO outsourcing, global staffing, translation technology and software, international growth, and more. There isn’t a subject we won’t investigate.

GIM Writing Services is based out of Buffalo NY but we provide market research for clients throughout the United States and worldwide. Our market research provides relevant data to help solve marketing challenges that many businesses face and helps you reach your target market. We are happy to provide both primary and secondary market research.

Primary Market Research

GIM Writing Services is pleased to conduct primary research on our clients’ behalf. We conduct exploratory, open-ended research that helps to limit unintended bias and give our research a better focus. Through surveys, questionnaires, telephone interviews, and focus groups, we explore the main issues of any given topic and assist companies in identifying the main pain points of their target audience. We are happy to conduct both structured and unstructured interviews to help define a specific problem and gain insights into possible solutions. 

Secondary Market Research

As a very time and cost-effective alternative to primary research, our secondary research involves gathering and analyzing data from vetted, credible, and up-to-date public, governmental, commercial, and educational references. Some reputable sources include government agencies, industry and trade associations, labor unions, media sources, and chambers of commerce. Our secondary research helps our clients gain valuable insights into industry trends but is often used to help our clients gain a competitive edge in their niche industry. 

The best part of all? Our market research provides exceptional results with competitive prices that simply can’t be matched.


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