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Market Research & Content Marketing Services in Buffalo NY

We conduct research for the language services industry that impacts businesses worldwide. With experience in translation, localization, journalism, market research, content development, editing, conference reporting, and more, GIM Writing Services drives results, one line at a time.

Our Services

We have the experience, the expertise, and the drive. We believe in creating content that speaks to your brand and your voice. We conduct research to propel you forward. GIM Writing Services – driving results, one line at a time.

Market Research

With our market research, we are happy to dig into the trenches and find key insights that help your company move to the next level.

Content Marketing

Content is key to attracting new customers. We specialize in high-quality content marketing that speaks directly to your target audience.

Video Marketing

GIM’s marketing video design and production services are quickly becoming a popular offering for our clients. We design and publish professional marketing videos that increase traffic and drive sales. 

Social Media Marketing

With over 4 billion people now online, our effective social media marketing builds your brand, strengthens your reputation, and attracts new business.

Content Editing

We’ll improve the credibility and overall quality of your content, rewrite entire sections, review sources, and ensure your content is free from any ambiguity. 

Professional Proofreading

We’ll ensure your content is free from spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typing errors, and will prepare your content for publication.

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Market Research

GIM Content Management offers a customized approach to our insight reports. We meet directly with our clients in a formal intake session to fully understand each project’s objectives and help frame the scope of work that lies ahead. Once the project’s objectives have been identified, the goals set, and the timeline laid out, we get to work. We gather, evaluate, and analyze relevant information. We structure the report and organize findings into a coherent and easily-digestible manner. We make appropriate conclusions backed by our evidence and analysis. If applicable, we make practical recommendations to help our clients reach the next level.


Content Marketing

With over 4 billion people now online, businesses need to strategically market their products and services to reach their target audience. Not only does your online content need to speak directly to industry trends and promote your products and services, but it needs to maximize your outreach and create a call-to-action response. Effective content marketing builds your brand, strengthens your reputation, and grows your business. GIM Content Management writes polished, engaging, relevant, and informed content. Our articles are a cut above the rest, and are always accompanied with visual data representation that reinforces and validates each message.


Video Marketing

In addition to our high-quality market research and data-driven articles, we offer engaging, call-to-action promotional videos which have helped our clients strengthen their voice and brand, and create new business opportunities. Fully customizable, our videos are designed to suit our individual client needs. We offer two tiers for our professional videos – The Pro Plan and the Premium Plan. Our professionally-crafted videos offer 720p and 1080p video output and a library of millions of photos, videos, and music tracks. We are also happy to upload your company’s own photos, video clips and more, and we always end every client video with a powerful call to action and a personalized company logo. Reach out to view some sample videos today!

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