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Why GIM?

SEO Experts

GIM’s team of SEO and marketing experts has a proven track record for crafting effective internet marketing strategies with measurable, long-term results.

What We Do

GIM’s SEO team gets to work right away with keyword research, onsite optimization, link building, reporting, and analysis. With GIM’s SEO services, you’ll see growth in keyword ranking, organic traffic, search engine ranking, and visit duration.

Search Engine Optimization

To garner optimal performance, we thoroughly assess your site’s structure, competitor performance, and site performance to garner optimal performance. We also conduct thorough keyword research. Keywords Targeted: (20+/50+/100+ – depending on service package)

On-Page Optimization

1. Keyword Research:

GIM uses various tools, including Google Keyword Planner and SEMRUSH, to research, analyze, and select the best-targeted keywords for your website. A combination of short, long, and competitive keywords is ideal.

2. Competitor Research:

We research your competitors to probe what they are doing right (and what they are doing wrong). GIM dissects their keywords, content, link builds, and other factors that will help us to rank you higher than your competitors.

3. Site Visibility Research:

GIM researches the visibility of your website to find where all backlinks, directories, referring domains, articles, and presses are located. We will then assess how viable and strong each item is and whether some need to be removed. This will allow for better planning of our link-building strategy. 

4. Web Tool Analysis and Set Up:

GIM identifies all web tools already in place and will set up ones that are not. The most important web tool to set up is Google Search Console. 

5. Evaluate Current Website:

Using our SEO assessment tool, we’ll crawl through the entire website to identify all issues that need to be fixed. Suggestions can be provided while our development team makes adjustments to the site.

6. On-Page Optimization

This is essential to SEO — creating a well-structured website compliant with Google. Many factors go into this and must be addressed, such as:

  • Meta Tags (Title, Keywords, Description, etc.)
  • H1 Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Permalinks
  • Keyword Density
  • Fixing technical issues with the site that can prevent optimal SEO


  • We’ll create a sitemap that highlights the full website links and structure of the website
  • We’ll submit the sitemap to Google via Google Search Console
  • We’ll configure optimal crawl-backs from Google

Off-Page Optimization

This refers to the building blocks that improve your rankings. SEO is a popularity contest, and visibility is critical. We want to be in as many relevant places as possible. 

1. Link Building:

Building links back to your website is vital for off-page optimization. We need to create accounts and fill them up with all relevant information, including website, phone, address, and well-written descriptions. We need to make sure we are on all high-rated websites, including:

  •;;;;, and 1,000s of other sites. 

2. Social Bookmarking:

We use related topics and continue social bookmarking on all sites. 

3. Social Media:

Social media is essential to Google about their new algorithm. We’ll work with your team to most effectively use social media.

4. Keywords:

After accessing rankings and keyword performance, changes may need to be made. We may need to pivot to different keywords or strategies based on traffic reporting and ROI.

Reach out to GIM, and let’s get started on your local or national SEO today!