GIM Writing Services Respects Your Privacy

GIM Writing Services is committed to protecting your privacy and will not share your data with any entities outside of GIM Writing Services. Our Privacy Policy explains the type of data that is collected by our website and the reasons/purpose for this data collection. Please read carefully before sharing your personal data with GIM Writing Services

** Please note that GIM Writing Services reserves the right to modify this policy. 

Who We Are

Our website address is:

What Data Do We Collect and Why We Collect It

When visiting our website, the system will recognize things such as the type of browser you use, the Internet Service Provider address, and the website page(s) you visit. However, it is important to understand that none of this data personally identifies you, and GIM Writing Services does not use cookies.

Contact Forms

The Contact Us form on the GIM Writing Services website asks for a visitor’s name, company name, location, and email address. However, only the visitor’s name and email address are required.

This information will allow GIM Writing Services to contact interested parties and discuss our services with them. 

Site Registration

Data will also be collected on visitors who wish to register with GIM Writing Services in order to receive updates when we publish new articles.The system will ask for the visitor’s first and last name, as well as the visitor’s email address.This allows the system to automatically email those who register with our site in order to notify them of new publications.

Plugins and Third Parties

GIM Writing Services uses third parties on our website such as Google Analytics. These third parties collect data such as geographic location and IP address. 

Opting Out

If you have registered with our website or have completed our Contact Us form, you will only receive emails that will either notify you of our latest publications or follow up on your service request. However, if you would like to opt out of either one or the other, simply notify us via email at: We’ll handle the rest. 

GIM Writing Services Privacy Statement

Use of this website indicates your acceptance of GIM Writing Service’s Privacy Policy.

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