Q&A Announcement Letters

Q&A Announcement Letters

Whether your company is going through a merger or an acquisition, it is both exciting and stressful. However, communicating these changes effectively with your customers is of the utmost importance. If done tactfully, you will maintain and build healthy relationships and maintain loyal customers. There are many reasons to communicate your merger or acquisition to your customers, but here are the top two:

✓ Your brand evangelists will be excited to hear about the news and will naturally help you spread the word.

✓ You are obligated to your customers to inform them of any potential service changes. (even if you do not foresee any change per se, your clients might see it differently.)

How do you most tactfully communicate with your new customers if you are acquiring a new company?

Acquisition Announcement Letter

Start by creating and sending out a well-developed, comprehensive letter to the company’s existing customers you are acquiring. Ideally, this should come from the current owner, but it could also be a joint venture, allowing for a proper introduction. If written jointly, the letter should clearly state:

✓ The acquisition, the official date of the acquisition, and the new name of the company will be 

✓ A reasonably detailed description of your company — when you were founded, any achievements you wish to highlight, the services you offer, etc…

✓ The reason for the acquisition, primarily if the reason benefits your customers

✓ Contact and other helpful information (headquarters, phone numbers, emails, go-to names/titles, etc.)

✓ A specific date and time to meet you (and any other key players). This meeting should allow your newly acquired customers to ask lingering questions.

✓ A heartfelt appreciation to your customers (for their support, business, etc.) and that you are excited about getting to know them.

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