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Useful Content Marketing Questions & Answers

Below, you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions

You ask and we answer! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions along with our comprehensive answers. We hope that our FAQ page provides a transparent view regarding our content marketing and marketing research services, along with the processes we follow. Anything not answered? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

For which industries do you conduct research and develop content?

GIM Writing Services is primarily focused on the language services industry. That being said, we work with both buyers and providers of language services. We conduct in-depth market research and develop content for any clients, in any industry wishing to promote their products and services on either a global scale or to a targeted audience that requires localization, translation, or interpreting services. We’ve worked with language services providers and language services buyers in healthcare, technology, life sciences, travel and tourism, education, and more.

Do you provide market research and content marketing that focuses on language service industry trends?

In one word, yes! We regularly conduct research and develop content on all-things-language-services. We research and report on advances in machine translation and language services technology software. We share current hot topics involving translation, interpreting, localization, globalization, and internationalization trends. In a nutshell, if it involves languages and cultures, GIM Writing Services is engaged and ready to dive in!

Does GIM Writing Services sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)?

You betcha! Not only do we sign them, we encourage them!

Are you willing to modify your Terms in order to meet our company’s unique requirements?  

Yes! Before moving forward, GIM Writing Services works closely with each client and partners with you to ensure you are fully comfortable with our Terms.  

What if our legal team needs to alter certain sections of your Contract Agreement?

No problem! Sometimes sections within our Contract Agreement need modification in order to meet your company’s requirements. GIM Writing Services works closely with each client and partners with you to ensure you are fully comfortable with our Contract Agreement.

What expertise do you have in the language services industry?

Our team offers years of experience in translation, localization, industry  research, and content marketing. Over the years, we’ve worked with industry leaders in education, healthcare, government, and language services. We live to research. We’re passionate about the written word, and we’re committed to your success within the language services industry.

Do you offer a variety of service packages?

Yes! We offer by-the-hour, per-project, and monthly retainer packages. Visit our Terms page for more details. If you require an itemized list of our different service packages, contact us today, and we’ll send them right to your inbox!

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