Emotional Keywords PDF

Emotional Keywords for Businesses


Emotional Keywords for Marketing

There is no denying it — we are all triggered by emotions. Just consider the way you wish your audience to feel, and then consider the keywords or keyphrases that will evoke that emotion. When you engage with your target audience, do you want them to feel happy, nostalgic, worried, or excited? Believe it or not, emotionally based words help motivate your customers. Emotions drive activity and can generate curiosity in your brand, eventually leading to confidence and loyalty. 

Using emotional keywords in your marketing collateral demonstrates your brand’s human side, which can be invaluable to your reputation. Strong emotions elicit strong decisions that can direct your prospective customers to you. That’s why GIM put together a PDF with pages of emotional keywords for you to use in your marketing collateral. Download them today, and don’t forget to reach out if GIM can support your content marketing efforts. We work exclusively with language services providers (LSPs), building powerful libraries of relevant, reliable, industry-focused content to strengthen your content marketing arsenal. Reach out today!