Effective Content Marketing Tips

Drive Sales and Increase Engagement with Effective Content Marketing

With one year over and a new year just beginning, many language services providers (LSPs) are busily assessing last year’s performance and finding ways to improve moving forward. CEOs are eager to know how many visitors their website attracts, how long their visitors remain engaged, which pages they most frequently visit, which countries they come from, which languages they speak, and which industries they serve. If this sounds like you, the following article sheds some insight on how to build effective content. Start off the year on the right foot with these 5 effective content marketing tips that are sure to drive sales and increase engagement.

1. Get to Know Your Visitors

Have you taken a good look at your analytics to familiarize yourself with your high-value visitors? Do you have a pretty clear handle on their interests? No? Then that is most definitely where you need to start. Spend time with your analytics tool to get to know your daily, weekly, or monthly visitors. Most analytics services will offer LSPs insights into their visitors’ interests with groupings such as “Healthcare Interpreting”, “Language Services for Life Sciences,” or “Translation Technology,” just to name a few. Once you clearly understand your visitors’ interests, you can begin to create and promote content that caters to their needs.

2. Geo-Target Your Content

Say what? If you’re wondering what the heck geo-target content is, it is just what the term implies – creating content that appeals to your visitors from your top regions. For GIM Writing Services, that means the USA, and more specifically, Virginia. So, all you Virginians out there, we are planning a “Fun Facts About Virginia” article that we hope will entertain you! But our website also appeals to other regions throughout the United States as well as to some countries abroad. What does your analytics tell you about the top countries that visit your site? What languages do they speak? Are there cultural sensitivities you should pay attention to in your content marketing, articles, and email campaigns? When you take the time to craft well-thought-out content that attracts your targeted audience, you strengthen your chances of increasing website traffic and gaining more loyal visitors.

3. If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Chances are, you already utilize an analytics tool that allows you to lift up the hood of your website and take a good look inside at what worked well over the past year and what needs improvement. However, one of the most important areas to examine is your content. Over the past year, which landing pages were the most frequently visited? Which articles were the most popular? Focus closely on this and try to find ways to give your audience more of the same. No, not exactly the same, but your analytics informs you that the themes on these landing pages and the content covered in your most popular posts have attracted the most visitors. So, dig deeper. What new insights can you offer them on the same or a similar topic? How can you improve and expand upon those landing pages to attract even more visitors and hold their attention longer? The idea isn’t always about building content that is completely different from what you’ve published in the past. Quite the contrary, it’s about building content that shares a connected and popular theme. In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Once you understand what topics your audience is hungry for, satisfy their hunger with similar, quality content but always leave them with a powerful punch, taunting them to come back for more.

4. Don’t Forget About SEO

We’ve all heard the term “SEO” a thousand times, but as Search Laboratory’s Nicola Winters puts it, “[h]istorically, people have been quite scared of SEO. They see it as sort of like a dark art, as though only geeky robots with their laptops are controlling the whole scene.” But it really doesn’t need to be so scary. In fact, it really needs to be intelligently and effectively implemented in all content you publish. There are all kinds of free SEO keyword tools to assist you, such as Google Search Console and Answer The Public. However, if your company’s budget isn’t too limiting, you might wish to try bolder measures using SEMRush or SimilarWeb. These tools will give you further insights into your competitors’ top-performing content and SEO best practices, and that can be a game changer for your business.

5. Create Killer Content

We could go on about many more optimization tips and tricks. In future articles, we could (and likely will) talk about improving your headlines by using powerful call-to-action (CTR) phrases, for instance. We could talk about building content that encourages social sharing. And we could run an entire article that focuses on re-purposing existing content. But for now, we’re ending on one clear message – if nothing else, build quality content. Take the time to study the subject at hand. Ensure you are using relevant and vetted sources in your research. Keep your sentences short yet engaging, and only publish after you have thoroughly edited your work for grammar, punctuation, and of course, readability. But that’s not all. Be sure to create a consistent publishing schedule, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. This crucial step can truly boost – or cost you – your reputation. But if you’re still not fully convinced that creating consistent, quality content is right for your business, consider the following.

In the summer of 2019, the Content Marketing Institute published an online survey of 679 North American B2B marketers. Here is what the respondents claimed to have achieved with the help of content marketing:

Goals achieved through content marketing

Ok, One More Invaluable Tip – Build Relationships!

Year after year, the most successful businesses survive not simply because they offer the best products or services at the best prices but because they build strong, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships with their customers. Of course, the quality of the products and services are also vastly important, but when companies take the time to familiarize themselves with their customers, it’s a win-win. What are your customer’s desires? What pain points often stand in the way of reaching their goals? And what does your company offer that can lessen or remove these pain points? Beyond this, how much time do you truly spend with your customers? Do you squeeze in a quick weekly or monthly meeting, or have you instilled confidence in your customers that you are always available to them when they need you? Building long-lasting, meaningful relationships are likely the most important tip, so start here and then build your content.

Partner With GIM Content Management

But what about companies that just don’t have the time to do all this and build their own content? What about companies that just don’t have the resources to develop all of their content marketing in-house? That’s where we come in. GIM Content Management not only lives to research and create promotional content, but we are a company whose foundation has been firmly built on developing and maintaining strong customer relationships.

GIM Content Management communicates effectively. We collaborate and ask for feedback. We are here for our clients 24/7. We exceed expectations. And we always, always show appreciation. In other words, we first build solid foundations with each and every one of our clients, and then we build outstanding marketing and promotional content. And yes, we’re damn good at what we do.

If you are looking for an ideal content marketing and market research partner, give GIM Content Management a call today. We assure you, it will be the start of a very profitable partnership.

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