Ronait Tynan

With extensive experience in translation and localization, I specialize in Project and Program Management in the field of Life Sciences. I was raised by a Spanish mother and an Irish father in a bilingual household, in the bicultural Basque Country of Spain. During my childhood I was exposed to different cultures and have always been inexorably drawn to languages and travelling. In Ireland, I studied French and Russian at Trinity College Dublin and graduated with a Masters degree in Translation Studies (Spanish and French) from DCU. I also speak French fluently, Russian, Basque, and some Polish. I started my career as an English technical writer, specializing in eLearning and computer-based training, but while living and working in the USA I found my way back to the world of translation and localization and have never looked back. Whether translating or writing, searching for the right word to express a thought or concept in Spanish or English is a challenge I still thoroughly enjoy. I am pleased to join the growing GIM team!