Cullen Heater

Joining GIM Writing Services as a writer working from Panamá, where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer from 2017-2019, has given me an opportunity to share my stories with the global community. My journey towards working in language services began in the food & agriculture industry. I have always wanted to be a food writer, and made a determined effort to work throughout the different links of the food chain: on sheep and goat farms in Barbados and Ireland, in various restaurants and food security nonprofits in Boston, and finally as a Peace Corps: Panamá Volunteer focusing on sustainable agricultural systems. It was in this role that I had my first experience as an interpreter/translator, using my Spanish language skills to help complete a vital bridge construction project in my community in Panamá. There was a moment when I felt my brain working simultaneously in Spanish and English, directing linguistic traffic, and I knew that I wanted to work as an interpreter. Upon completing my Peace Corps service, I moved to Panamá City, Panamá to continue my bilingual adventures, and to share them with you. Thanks for reading!

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