Annual Memberships

Annual GIM Membership Packages

Brand Awareness Package

If you are just starting out, you will likely be interested in GIM’s Starter Package services aimed at building brand awareness. Make a splash with GIM, and let’s start building your brand!

Social Media Awareness Videos

If videos are the “future” of marketing, then the future has arrived. With social media awareness videos, you get to introduce your brand to your target audience. GIM will look at what your target audience is interested in, the type of language they use, and the type of imagery that resonates with them. We’ll then make a 30 – 45 second splash, introducing your brand and how your products and services address their interest.  

Short-form blog posts

When you start to build brand awareness, you’ll need informative content on your website. You’ll want content that answers common questions your target audience has. These short-form blog posts are free of sales copy, inclusive, and easy to understand. Brand awareness blog posts are cleverly written to showcase your brand as an authority without being pushy. 


Infographics help to catch your audience’s attention instantly. They showcase data and information highly relevant to your target audience if crafted correctly. Infographics should be easy to consume and delight the senses. These pieces of content are commonly shared on social media, helping to get your brand noticed. 

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Consideration Package

consideration Package

You might be interested in GIM’s Consideration Package for clients with healthy brand awareness but are looking to move their target audience closer to consideration.

Social Media Comparison Videos

You’ll want to develop a healthy library of comparison videos as you move your audience through the customer journey. These videos demonstrate your intimate knowledge of your audience’s wants and needs and how your solution outperforms the competition. GIM will highlight the best features of your products and services with clear calls to action. 

Longer-form Blog Posts

Now that your audience has a healthy understanding of your authority in your space, it is time to build your case. The next series of short-form blog posts should contain relevant, reliable data and be lengthier than brand awareness blog posts. Moving from simply informative pieces, GIM will begin to write specifically about your brand while remaining customer-centric.  

Case Studies

Did you know that case studies have been ranked as “very important by” 52% of B2B buyers when evaluating vendors? In fact, 88% of consumers trust online ratings and reviews, making case studies reliable and trusted sources of information for prospective buyers. Adding case studies to your marketing collateral demonstrates authority and confidence in your industry, helping your visitors move from consideration to the decision-making stage.

White Papers

White papers help to inform your readers about a complex matter while positioning your company as a thought leader. These specialized research reports help your clients better understand an issue and provide viable ways to solve a problem. GIM has been hired by some of the largest LSPs worldwide and by the industry’s leading news and market research firms to conduct industry-specific, persuasive research and build compelling white papers that help our clients turn heads and generate leads. No matter your needs, we are happy to dig into the trenches and find valuable, vetted, and relevant data that will help your company move to the next level.

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Decision Package

decision Package

Every brand requires an ongoing library of quality, relevant, reliable content for its website and across social media. This is equally true for well-established brands as it is for those just starting out. For GIM’s clients who already have a strong online presence, this package is likely for you. 

This content is focused on you and how you alone have the ultimate solution to your end clients’ challenges. Your audience is now ready to make a decision, so it is your time to shine. GIM content builds for our Decision Package often include long-form, data-driven articles, white papers, case studies, eBooks, and more. And while it is your time to shine, we’ll ensure we remain customer-centric and avoid being overly salesy.

Should you so wish, this package also includes newsletter campaigns, SMS campaigns, paid advertising services, and SEO services for your website. 

Unlimited social media videos

Unlimited public-facing content

Unlimited paywall content

Unlimited downloadable content

Ongoing email newsletter campaigns

Ongoing SMS campaigns

Ongoing paid advertising and management

Ongoing SEO services (local and national)

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Customized Packages

customized Packages

If none of the packages above are quite what you’re looking for, give GIM Content Management a call today to discuss your wish list. We’ll create a customized membership package that is just right for you. Reach out to GIM Content Management today.