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GIM Writing Services offers market research and content marketing for the language services industry. Our published work provides insights into current industry trends and appears on several industry-leading websites. We also report on upcoming industry conferences, create promotional video, email, and ad campaigns, and shine a spotlight on language services industry leaders whose work advances our industry as a whole.

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GIM Writing Services provides in-depth, data-driven market research that helps our clients make important business decisions, determine new business opportunities, and define their competitive edge. We create SEO-optimized, relevant, engaging, call-to-action content for your website and social media platforms, but we’re equally as happy to sponsor your content directly on our site. Looking to increase brand awareness? We also offer promotional videos as well as email and LinkedIn campaigns. Our services are laser focused on your unique needs. We are GIM Writing Services, driving results, one line at a time.

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Driving Results

Did you know?
5.25 minutes

This is the average time visitors remain on the pages where our content marketing and market research is published. That’s more than double the average. 

Did you know?
Quadruple the average page views

Our content marketing and market research has more than quadrupled the average page views. We not only intrigue your visitors, but we keep them engaged. We craft relevant content that appeals to your audience.

Did you know?
Exceptional Content

GIM Writing Services has crafted content for clients that continues to attract unique visitors even months after publication. Our market research and content marketing drives results, one line at a time!

Driving results, one line at a time



GIM Writing Services is passionate about our craft. We don’t just deliver the highest-quality content marketing and market research because quite frankly, anyone can claim that. We create the extraordinary out of the ordinary. We develop content that compels the audience to read through to the end. We incite enthusiasm. We generate optimism. We spawn curiosity. And above all else, we instill in your clients, the desire for more.



We are honest and dependable. We wholeheartedly believe in creating relationships built on a foundation of mutual respect. We are steadfast in our resolve to promote these high standards by setting this example for ourselves. It is our sincere honor to offer our content marketing and market research services to you. Our reputation is based on our code of ethics. We implore you to read our reviews, and we hope to win your trust, one project at a time.



With years of experience, GIM Writing Services is pleased to provide market research and content marketing for the language services industry. We have conducted in depth research that intricately ties the language services sector to education, technology, healthcare, and to virtually any sector wishing to reach a larger audience. We live in an increasingly global market. Whether you wish to market your products and services right at home or abroad, strengthening your marketing efforts with engaging, CTA content and industry-relevant research is definitely a step in the right direction.


  • “Nice engagement on gender and language article … About quadruple what we normally get during the first week of publication!”

    Tucker Johnson, Nimdzi Insights

  • “Please receive my sincere heartfelt gratitude for the positive
    feedback that I am reading on several social platforms!”

    Alfred Mtawali, CAN Translators 

  • “We very much liked your research EDUCATION IN LOCALIZATION How LSPs benefit from educational partnerships!” 

    Boris Naimushin, ESNBU

  • “Great piece. Thank you for writing it!”

    Donna Parrish, MultiLingual

  • “We just love the video! You are a genius! Everybody here at the office is excited!” Angelica Perez and Virginia Minhondo, delsurtranslations


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