The 10 Best — and Worst — States for Healthcare

Senior Writer and Reporter for Becker’s Healthcare, Kelly Gooch, recently reported on the 10 best — and worst — states for healthcare. The analysts responsible for the determination gathered data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the CDC, and Across three categories, the analysts “compared nearly 20 metrics… ranging from preventable death rate to the number of primary care providers per 100,000 population.”¹

So, just what were the categories they examined?

  1. Health Outcomes
  2. Cost
  3. Access to Care

The below graphics depict the results of this analysis.

The 10 Best States for Healthcare

The 10 Worst States for Healthcare

Data Source: Becker’s Hospital Review

How This Affects LEP Populations and Hospitals

Consider, just for a moment, that over 25 million US residents have limited English proficiency (LEP). It has been shown repeatedly in GIM’s research for our valued clients that these vulnerable populations are already underserved in healthcare. While every healthcare facility has access to professional healthcare interpreting and translation, many still don’t invest in language services for their LEP patients. This lack of investment further marginalizes the LEP community, placing them at higher risk of preventable illness. But choosing “not” to invest in healthcare language services also negatively impacts healthcare facilities. Just read a little about government incentives and penalties regarding patient satisfaction scores and 30-day readmissions that we’ve written about on behalf of our LSP clients, and you’ll get the picture.

Calling On Language Services Providers

Are you an LSP operating directly in or providing services for the 10 worst states for healthcare? Time to bring on the heat. Develop and execute an effective and persistent content marketing strategy for healthcare providers in your states. Show them how your healthcare interpretation and translation services enhance patient outcomes and save them money. GIM can help.

GIM Content Management has worked with some of the world’s largest news outlets and LSPs. We have written countless data-driven articles and whitepapers and have published many marketing videos on the critical importance of equal language access in healthcare.

Reach out today, and together, let’s improve healthcare access for the LEP population throughout the United States. Answer the call. Be part of the solution today.

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